As any first responder will surely tell you, the use of emergency vehicle lights truly conveys a message of urgency to others near or on the road. For those that rely more on science than experience, a study conducted at Loughborough University, United Kingdom, proved that emergency lights convey a message of emergency to other drivers. In fact, the study went on to prove that the faster emergency vehicle lighting flashed, the more effective the lights were on the road. The study went on to conclude that flash patterns were also very important.

When you shop at 911 Signal USA, you will find an extensive variety of emergency vehicle lighting in our inventory. We specialize in many different types of LED emergency lights because we understand those in the first responder community and those that drive warning vehicles have various emergency lighting needs. In fact, many of our LED lights come from different LED generations for the sole purpose of providing shoppers with the very best LED emergency lights for their particular situation. To find the LED lights from different generations, browse our inventory of LED emergency vehicle lights.

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